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    Transcriber: Dustin Weddle : Field Museum of Natural History - Anthropology Department - Collections Management
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Field Museum of Natural History. | [Field Museum Subject Code written in red] 34-46 | Country: Palawan, P.I. | Locality: Northern Palawan. | People: Batak Stock. | Name: Peleng. Man's bark head-band. Colored yellow and maroon. (over) | Collection: R.F. Cummings Expedition, (F.C. Cole, 1907=8). | Notes: | Width: | Length: | Height: | Price: Trade | [LEFT MARGIN] A | 109753 | ENT | 1599 | Acc. 1060 | [ILLUSTRATION] | [ILLUSTRATION NOTATION] | [BACK] The women and unmarried boys customarily shave the fore part of the head, as well as the eyebrows, and it is only on special occasions that they don headdresses. The older men, on the other hand, wear bark bands about their heads. The decorative lines on the bands are put on with vegetable dyes secured from the uncooked cap of plants and vines. |
Catalog Number: 109753.nosub[1]
Description: head band
Materials: bark, pigment
Cultural Attribution: Batak
Locality: Philippines, Palawan Island, Palawan, The Philippines
Accession Number: [1060] Second R.F. Cummings Ethnological Expedition to Philippine Islands - ethnology - Mangyan (Expedition)
Accession Year: 1908
Other Numbers: 1599
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Province/State: Palawan Island
Collector/Source: Second R.F. Cummings Ethnological Expedition to Philippine Islands - ethnology - Mangyan, F.C. Cole : The Field Museum
IRN: 1010354
GUID: 8611e7bd-e56a-41b0-a1c4-b8ab4bb2f69d