FMNH 116033.nosub[1]

  • 116033: Landscape in black and white

    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: Landscape. 1860. Painting, pigment, paper
  • Scanner: Keri Jakubowski
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: scan of annotated catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Ching | 1860 | Ch'un-shih | 醇士 [Chúnshì] Locality: Peking, | People: Chinese | Name: Painting on paper in balck and white landscape by Tai-hu Ch'un-shih (died 1860). Tai-Hu Ch'un-shih [circled]. | Published references: Comment by Wilbur: ca early 1940's: Landscape, Ch'ing period, ink on grey paper, with signature Tai Hsi, also called Ch'un Hsi (see Hirth, scraps from coll.notebook, p. 64). Puffy mountains in techniue of pointillism, varying ink tones, but not a satisfactory composition. Brush stroke is lifeless and indecisive, certainly cheif interest lies in techniques. Mr Dubose who saw this painting in Jan 1938 said: "probably not Tai Hsi, certain passages as in upper third blurs at the ends of islands going into water, are too bad to be the work of a good artist. The paper is of the period, but the color of the seals indicate a forgery." | [small note] Not in: Ferguson, Hirth, Giles, Lee, Sickman. | Width: 42 cm, | Length: 109.5 cm, | Price: 5$ per | [LEFT MARGIN] Contact & NEG. Nos. | NEG. 103621A (3/76) | Cat. No. | 116033 | Acc. No.: 1114 | 2318 Laufer No | Condition: Paint: G, Mount: G (3/76) | Mus. Location: Rm 56, CAD A, DR 5 |
Catalog Number: 116033.nosub[1]
Description: painting
Materials: pigment, paper
Cultural Attribution: Han Chinese
Time Period: Qing Dynasty - Ch'ing
Locality: Asia, China, Beijing, Beijing - Peking
Accession Number: [1114] Blackstone Chinese and Tibetan Expedition - 1908-1910 (Expedition)
Accession Year: 1910
Continent: Asia
Country: China
Province/State: Beijing
City/Town: Beijing - Peking
Collector/Source: Blackstone Chinese and Tibetan Expedition - 1908-1910, B. Laufer : Field Museum of Natural History
IRN: 1016731
GUID: 919204ea-5963-441b-843e-94aefcb66f5b