FMNH 14286.nosub[1]

  • 14276: rattle

    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: rattle. Carved, bird-shaped, ceremonial , representing a raven with a hawk on its breast. On its back is a frog in a birds beak, and from its head a medicine man is sucking poison. Haida. Red and blue, carved shape of double face. Handle fastened with 3 screws.
Catalog Number: 14286.nosub[1]
Description: rattle
Cultural Attribution: Haida, Kaigani
Locality: North America, U.S., Alaska
Accession Number: [112] E. E. Ayer (Gift)
Accession Year: 1894
Other Numbers: 825, CSA820
Continent: North America
Country: U.S.
Province/State: Alaska
Collector/Source: E. E. Ayer : Field Museum of Natural History, E. E. Ayer : Field Museum of Natural History
IRN: 1045062
GUID: 41c7dead-6288-4b39-b8cf-36b41ce99e4b