FMNH 221461.nosub[1]

  • 221461: Kirdi soul pot, ceramic figure

    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: Kirdi soul pot, ceramic figure of an animal
Catalog Number: 221461.nosub[1]
Description: vessel
Materials: clay (ceramic), stone; quartz
Cultural Attribution: Matakam
Locality: Africa, Cameroon, Mandara Mountains
Accession Number: [3063] H. Hasselberger (Purchase)
Accession Year: 1969
Continent: Africa
Country: Cameroon
City/Town: Mandara Mountains
Collector/Source: H. Hasselberger, Lersch Expedition
IRN: 1127628
GUID: 2cf35839-de68-4be2-8416-eba6e49e2d25