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    Creator: Sarah Carlson : Field Museum of Natural History
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Chicago Natural History Museum - Ethnology. | ENT | [Field Museum Subject Code written in red] 34-10 | Provenience: Philippine Islands: Prob. Mindanao | People or Culture: Undetermined | Object: Prob. belt | Material: Cloth ( prob. of native mfg.), commercial glass beads, pith of undetermined plant (prob. a palm mid-rib). | Description: Strip of pith covered w/ cloth; on the outer fac4 the cloth is heavily decorated w/ beadwork: beads of many colors worked into a central band of lozenges and 2 side bands of forms w/stepped sides. | Collection: Gift: Robert Campbell 1968 | Dimensions ( in cm.) : | Width: 7.0. | Length: 61.5 | Height: | Price: [LEFT MARGIN] A | 254687 | Neg. Alb. p. 492 | Acc. 2934 | [ILLUSTRATION] | [ILLUSTRATION NOTATION] | [BACK] | [ 2 photograph ] |
Catalog Number: 254687.nosub[1]
Description: belt
Materials: cloth, glass, pith, plant
Locality: Philippines, Mindanao Island, Mindanao, The Philippines
Accession Number: [2934] R. C. Campbell (Gift)
Accession Year:
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Province/State: Mindanao Island
Collector/Source: R. C. Campbell
IRN: 1162901
GUID: 576d9b57-dc1d-428b-8f24-41cfe6717bf6