FMNH 278460.nosub[1]

  • Creator: Andrew Alexander : Field Museum of Natural History

    Description: scan of Boone collection object card
Catalog Number: 278460.nosub[1]
Description: chest
Materials: wood, metal
Cultural Attribution: Japanese
Locality: Japan, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japanese Archipelago, Honshū Island
Accession Number: [4038] K. P. Boone (Bequest)
Accession Year: 1998
Other Numbers: 1050
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
District/County: Tokyo
City/Town: Tokyo
Collector/Source: K. P. Boone, G. E. Boone, K. P. Boone
IRN: 1187687
GUID: fb6bc9df-fb31-42a1-a8e4-cabd4304149b