FMNH 305690.nosub[28]

Catalog Number: 305690.nosub[28]
Description: flakes and flake fragments
Materials: stone; felsite porphyry, stone; granite, stone; metavolcanic rock, stone; quartz monzonite, stone; foliate quartz feldspar
Time Period: Acheulian
Locality: Africa, Tanzania, Iringa, Isimila: K18 T.2 S.3 URL
Accession Number: [3329] University of Chicago - Department of Anthropology (Gift)
Accession Year:
Continent: Africa
Country: Tanzania
Province/State: Iringa
City/Town: Isimila
IRN: 1216775
GUID: 7725a33e-0cd4-4633-9062-0f262f16e2ed