FMNH 337430.nosub[1]

Catalog Number: 337430.nosub[1]
Description: drum
Materials: wood, skin, leather, metal
Cultural Attribution: Ashanti
Locality: Africa, Ghana
Accession Number: [4141] Ruttenberg, Sarajean and David (Gift, 1997-09-19)
Accession Year: 2001
Other Numbers: 2001.4141.42, T2001.5.42, A-3205-42
Continent: Africa
Country: Ghana
Collector/Source: Ruttenberg, SaraJean and David, Ruttenberg, SaraJean and David
IRN: 1251755
GUID: 1b28c8dd-a089-4afa-b3b9-dd90033db3c4