FMNH 48807.nosub[1]

  • 48807: Ear ornament beetle shell jewelr
    Photographer: Mark Widhalm : Field Museum of Natural History
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: Ear ornament beetle shell jewelry. Shuar earrings made from beetle wings and red, yellow and orange toucan bird feathers
Catalog Number: 48807.nosub[1]
Description: ear ornament
Materials: beetle wing, feather; toucan, string
Cultural Attribution: Aguaruna (Jivaro subtribe)
Locality: South America, Brazil, Amazon
Accession Number: [1904] R. M. Whitehead (Gift)
Accession Year: 1930
Continent: South America
Country: Brazil
Collector/Source: R. M. Whitehead, R. M. Whitehead
IRN: 1278869
GUID: 984ebdfb-7d46-4ca7-bbe9-60e12315cb7a