FMNH 50249.nosub[1]

Catalog Number: 50249.nosub[1]
Description: vase
Materials: clay (ceramic)
Cultural Attribution: Maya
Locality: Central America, Mexico, Yucatan, Chichen Itza: Mound of the Burial Shaft
Accession Number: [499] Archaeological Fieldwork in Mexico, 1895-1896 (Collected)
Accession Year: 1897
Other Numbers: 578
Continent: Central America
Country: Mexico
Province/State: Yucatan
City/Town: Chichen Itza
Collector/Source: Archaeological Fieldwork in Mexico, 1895-1896, E. H. Thompson
IRN: 1280527
GUID: ee4cc297-3b8d-4200-a7f6-b006f2af904c