FMNH 79626.nosub[1]

Catalog Number: 79626.nosub[1]
Description: Paint brush
Materials: wood, porcupine bristles, spruce root
Cultural Attribution: Haida, Kaigani
Locality: U.S., Alaska, Kasaan, Alexander Archipelago, Prince of Wales Island
Accession Number: [823] C. F. Newcombe (Expedition)
Accession Year:
Other Numbers: 33
Continent: North America
Country: U.S.
Province/State: Alaska
City/Town: Kasaan
Collector/Source: Charles F. Newcombe, Ethnological Expedition to Alaska - Haida and Tlingit
IRN: 1310691
GUID: 6789f5fc-e0cf-49dd-9dc7-fcc5adea7759