FMNH 90059.nosub[1]

  • Transcriber: Dustin Weddle : Field Museum of Natural History - Anthropology Department - Collections Management
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    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Field Museum of Natural History. | ENT | [Field Museum Subject Code written in red] 34-18 | Country: Luzon Island, P.I. | Locality: Kabayan, Benguet Prov. | People: Igorot. Stock. | Name: Travelling or "head basked". Knap-sack like. Two compartments of split and plaited rattan and netting of cordage. Outer covering of hanging threads of vegetable fiber, for rain. Straps for arms. | Collection: R.F. Cummings Expedition. (S.C. Simms, Collector, 1906) | Notes: | Price: 1.40 | [LEFT MARGIN] A | 90059 | 981 | Acc. 1004 | [ILLUSTRATION] | [ILLUSTRATION NOTATION] | [BACK] |
Catalog Number: 90059.nosub[1]
Description: travelling basket
Materials: rattan, cordage, vegetable threads
Cultural Attribution: Igorot
Locality: Philippines, Luzon Island, Benguet Prov., Kabayan, Luzon, The Philippines
Accession Number: [1004] Cummings Philippine Explorations - Luzon, Philippines - ethnology, 1906-1907 (Expedition)
Accession Year:
Other Numbers: 981
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Province/State: Luzon Island
District/County: Benguet Prov.
City/Town: Kabayan
Collector/Source: Cummings Philippine Explorations - Luzon, Philippines - ethnology, 1906-1907, Stephen C. Simms : The Field Museum
IRN: 1321581
GUID: 21c4cdd7-f9d1-47e3-abca-a76904ca1ba7