FMNH 90110.1,.2

  • Transcriber: Theodore Davies : Field Museum of Natural History
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    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Field Museum of Natural History. | [Field Museum Subject Code written in red] 34-60 | Country: Luzon Island, P.I. | Locality: Bokod. Benguet Prov. | People: Igorot. Stock. | Name: Bolo and sheath. Wide blade of iron with squarish end. Handle of carabao horn. Sheath of two pieces of wood, bound in places with plaited bands of rattan. Bolo and sheath 50 cm. long. | Collection: R.F. Cummings Expedition. (S.C. Simms, Collector, 1906). | Notes: | Price: [Philippine Peso symbol] 2.00 | [LEFT MARGIN] A | ENT | 90110 1/2 | Neg. Alb. p.372 | 945 | Acc. 1004 | [ILLUSTRATION] | [ILLUSTRATION NOTATION] | [BACK] [1 photograph] |
Catalog Number: 90110.1,.2
Description: knife and sheath for knife
Materials: carabao horn, iron, wood, rattan
Cultural Attribution: Igorot
Locality: Philippines, Luzon Island, Benguet Prov., Bokod, Luzon, The Philippines
Accession Number: [1004] Cummings Philippine Explorations - Luzon, Philippines - ethnology, 1906-1907 (Expedition)
Accession Year: 1906
Other Numbers: 945
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Province/State: Luzon Island
District/County: Benguet Prov.
City/Town: Bokod
Collector/Source: Cummings Philippine Explorations - Luzon, Philippines - ethnology, 1906-1907, S. C. Simms : The Field Museum
IRN: 1321632
GUID: accdc621-9ca5-4166-93db-8aec5b5c793a