FMNH 90954.1,.2

  • Creator: Sarah Carlson : Field Museum of Natural History
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Field Museum of Natural History. | [Field Museum Subject Code written in red] 34-53 | Country: Luzon Island, P.I. | Locality: Banawi. Nueva Vizcaya Prov. | People: Ifugao. Igorot. Stock. | Name: Knife 51.5cm long. Broad iron blade slightly curved edge, straight back. Handle wrapped with rough plaited split bamboo. Sheath, single piece of hard dark wood. Side slightly curved. Narrow cross piece for blade bound with bamboo. Plaited bamboo belt. (over). | Collection: R.F. Cummings Expedition, (S.C. Simms, Collector, 1906). | Notes: | Price: [symbol for Philippine Peso] 2.50 [LEFT MARGIN] A | 90954 / 1-2 | ENT | Neg. Alb. p.372 | 402 | Acc. 1004 | [ILLUSTRATION] | [ILLUSTRATION NOTATION] | [BACK] Unlike most of his neighbors, the Ifugao does not make use of the head-axe. In its place he carries a broad-bladed knife attached to a wooden sheath. About the house and in the fields this knife is a handy tool, but when the ownder is on a raid or is attached it becomes his most trusted weapon. [1 photograph] |
Catalog Number: 90954.1,.2
Description: knife and sheath for knife
Materials: metal; iron, bamboo, wood
Cultural Attribution: Ifugao
Locality: Philippines, Luzon Island, Nueva Viscaya Prov., Banawi, Luzon, The Philippines
Accession Number: [1004] Cummings Philippine Explorations - Luzon, Philippines - ethnology, 1906-1907 (Expedition)
Accession Year: 1906
Other Numbers: 402
Continent: Asia
Country: Philippines
Province/State: Luzon Island
District/County: Nueva Viscaya Prov.
City/Town: Banawi
Collector/Source: Cummings Philippine Explorations - Luzon, Philippines - ethnology, 1906-1907, S. C. Simms : The Field Museum
IRN: 1322602
GUID: b7039f83-6e8c-4a39-9db5-46b21da484f2