FMNH 102447.6

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    Scanner: Tom Tervanis : Field Museum of Natural History - Anthropology Department
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Field Museum of Natural History. | 103 | Country Cuba, West Indies | Locality Big Wall Site, San Lucas Maisi, Baracoa. | People Insular Arawak, Arawakan Stock | Name 22 flakes, chips & fragments of flint, chert, quartz and other fracturable stones. All or most of them probably refuse from the manufacture of stone implements. | Collection Exchange from the Museum of the American Indian, 1919. M.R. Harrington, Collector. | Notes | Width | Length | Height | Price [LEFT MARGIN] A | 102447 1-22 | ENT | Original Number | Acc. 1303
Catalog Number: 102447.6
Description: flake, chip, or fragment
Materials: stone; chert, stone; flint, stone; quartz
Cultural Attribution: Arawak
Locality: Cuba, Guantánamo, Maisi, San Lucas, West Indies; Greater Antilles, Cuba, Baracoa, West Indies: Big Wall Site
Accession Number: [1303] Museum of the American Indian : Museum of the American Indian (Exchange)
Accession Year:
Continent: North America
Country: Cuba
Province/State: Guantánamo
District/County: Maisi
City/Town: San Lucas
Collector/Source: Museum of the American Indian : Museum of the American Indian
IRN: 1348590
GUID: b0e74cc4-59f5-4ac6-b303-f0a19c1315b4