FMNH 105175.nosub{3}

  • Creator: Cassie Pontone : Field Museum of Natural History
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: scan of catalog card [FRONT] [MAIN BODY] Field Museum of Natural History. | AFRICA | Country EGYPT X170 | Locality SAKKARA | People Stock | Name Sarcophagus of Pefthaukhonsu. | Black granite sarcophagus. Much of surface covered with incised scenes and inscriptions. On top of lid the sun god Khopri as a beetle occupies a sun disk, beside which Isis and Nephthys each lead four apes in worship. human-headed bird below, symbolizing the soul, is accomp-anied by a spell (No.89) from the Book of the Dead, entitles. | Collection Field Museum of Natural History Purchase | (thru E. E. Ayer) | Notes | Width 60" Length 110" Height 70" Price [LEFT MARGIN] A 105175 | Neg. nos. | 35268-69 | 108377 | Acc. 1137 | approx. [BACK] "Spell for the causing that the soul of a man unite with his corpse | in the cemetery. Near the foot occur two figures of Pefthauk- | honsu, once as prince with baton, and again as priest and scribe | above the winged sky goddess Nut. On the ends of the lid | the coffin of Osiris is pictured under a starry sky, protected | by goddess (at head) and worshipped by apes (at foot). On the | sides are rough patches where handles used for setting the lid | in place were dressed off after the burial. Body lacking. | Inside of lid slightly recessed. The sky goddess (Nut) bends | above the earth, while the texts offer protection in her name and recount the many titles of the owner. | Box is decorated outside at haed and foot only. Khepri | and Osris respectively are most prominent above, each accomp- | anied by numerous other deities, while the mummy on lion-couch | appears below. Bottom inside contains a full-length represents- | tion of the goddess of the West. The foot and sides within | are inscribed with the Denial of Sins, spell No. 125, from the Book of the Dead."
Catalog Number: 105175.nosub{3}
Description: one large fragment and two small bags of fragments
Materials: stone; granite
Cultural Attribution: Egyptian
Time Period: Ancient
Locality: Africa, Egypt
Accession Number: [1137] G. Maspero (Purchase)
Accession Year: 1911
Continent: Africa
Country: Egypt
Collector/Source: G. Maspero, E. E. Ayer : Field Museum of Natural History
IRN: 1350013
GUID: 01f7aea4-def4-4c97-b957-1dc4d5db8f43