FMNH 230030.nosub[1]

  • 230030 stone beads
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: Overall view
  • necklace
    Photographer: John Weinstein : Field Museum
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: Ancient necklace from the Kish site in what is now Iraq (about 3000 bc), with carnelian beads probably mined from Pakistan or India, together with chalcedony, amethyst, and lapis (FMNH A230030).
Catalog Number: 230030.nosub[1]
Description: string of beads
Materials: stone; carnelian, stone; chalcedony, stone; lazurite - lapis lazuli, faience, glass, stone; amethyst
Cultural Attribution: Neo-Babylonian
Time Period: Neo-Babylonian
Locality: Asia, Iraq, Kish
Accession Number: [1497] Excavations at Kish, Iraq (Expedition)
Accession Year: 1924
Continent: Asia
Country: Iraq
City/Town: Kish
Collector/Source: Excavations at Kish, Iraq, Excavations at Kish, Iraq
IRN: 1388082
GUID: 88325a8a-dd14-44eb-b597-4b8b4283f539