FMNH 164897.1

  • 164897: figurine
    Photographer: Kathleen C. Aguilar
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: Human figurine, jointed ceramic, with mica inlay.
Catalog Number: 164897.1
Description: figurine
Materials: clay (ceramic), stone; mica
Cultural Attribution: Teotihuacan III
Time Period: Middle Classic
Locality: Central America, Mexico, Valley of Mexico
Accession Number: [1468] Martin A. Ryerson (Gift)
Accession Year: 1923
Other Numbers: R1022
Continent: Central America
Country: Mexico
Collector/Source: Martin A. Ryerson, C. B. Abadiano
IRN: 1414124
GUID: bcff98e6-be73-45e9-9419-8893d4cad9de