FMNH 56598.nosub[60]

Catalog Number: 56598.nosub[60]
Description: stone, metal, bone, (box 7 of 7)
Materials: stone, metal, bone, stone
Cultural Attribution: Hopewell
Time Period: Hopewell
Locality: North America, U.S., Ohio, Ross County, Hopewell Mound Group
Accession Number: [31] World's Columbian Exposition - Department of Ethnology (Gift)
Accession Year:
Continent: North America
Country: U.S.
Province/State: Ohio
District/County: Ross County
Collector/Source: World's Columbian Exposition - Department of Ethnology, W. K. Moorehead
IRN: 1426015
GUID: ad192121-d96f-433e-83ee-237a1bcac0c5