Anthropology Preliminary Donation Questionnaire

Contact Information
If you wish to have an appraisal completed, you will need to contact an outside appraiser as it is against the Museum’s policy to provide valuations.
Are you willing to donate if the object(s) would be used for the teaching /study/ hands-on collection (as opposed to the “permanent” collection)? Please note that object(s) used for any of these purposes can still be used toward charitable donation tax deductions.
Please provide an itemized list with materials, for example: bamboo bowl, and any condition issues or concerns.
To the best of your knowledge, where are these objects originally from?
What is the background story of how, when, where, and from whom you acquired the object(s)? Please provide an extensive description in as much detail as possible. The ownership history of an object, or provenance, is a vital part of museum records. It provides the historical and socio-economic context in which an object was created, collected, and utilized.
For example: sales receipt, import/export documents, journal, field notes, photographs of manufacture or use, video or audio interviews, or publication that you could provide to us.
Please provide photographs of the objects, if possible. Guidelines are at Basic Guidelines
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png tif pdf doc docx xls xlsx zip.