FMNH 357294.nosub[1]

  • 357294 leather mask
    Photographer: Lori A. Chung : Field Museum of Natural History
    [Copyright] Field Museum of Natural History - CC BY-NC
    Description: reference image, front view
Catalog Number: 357294.nosub[1]
Description: mask
Materials: leather, metal; foil, string, metal, plastic, ribbon
Cultural Attribution: Highland Maya
Locality: North America, México, Chiapas, Huistan, Central America
Accession Number:
Accession Year:
Other Numbers: T2002.0012.003506
Continent: North America
Country: México
Province/State: Chiapas
City/Town: Huistan
IRN: 699600
GUID: 8ee65428-b8ba-4e5b-bae8-d98bda7474a4