Help and Useful Tips

Useful Tips

  • To begin searching the entire Anthropology Collections Database click on the “Start Searching” button. 
  • The Keyword search will assist you in identifying a collection by collector, site, region, or culture.
  • Specific search fields can be found under Basic and Advanced search options. These searches are 'equal to' searches and will only find exact, case-sensitive matches in those specific fields (e.g. North America, not north america).
  • Once a search is conducted, use filters to narrow down your search by material type, cultural attribution, country, or if a record has an image.
  • Be sure to remove a filter if you want to do a broader search.
  More Artifact Information
  • Additional collection specific artifact databases and searches can be found under the "Collections Homepage" tab.
  • Information about individual collections datasets can be found under "External Data Sources" on the site home page
  • There are two options for downloading a .csv of selected data available on buttons on the bottom right of the page. The simple download gives you a general overview of each specimen, the extended download has more fields.
  • Attempts to download more that 4000 records will not complete.